Communiversity 2020


Sunday, April 26, 2020


Downtown Princeton

Mc Conkey's Market


Sunday, Jun 20, 2020


Washington Crossing Park, PA

Art Summer Camp 2020

I'll be teaching at AOY and ACP summer art camp.


Get Zodiac ZEN: What animal are you?

Aug.17 - 21(5 sessions), 9am-12pm, ages 5-8

This year 2020 - Year of the Rat - is the beginning of twelve years cycle in Chinese zodiac. In this camp, we are going to learn the story behind and characteristics of each student's birth year animal. Finding out family member's zodiac animal is exciting for kids. We are going to make unique family portrait illustration in zodiac animals. Students will use brush pen, Sumi and watercolor. Some Kanji (symbols in Chinese - Japanese writing) will be introduced in the class. They will have Eastern Asian calligraphy art experience. 

Origami, Illustration and more!

Aug.17 - 21(5 sessions), 1pm - 4pm, ages 5-8

Origami is magical!! Folding a sheet of paper, you can make animals, bugs, geometric forms and many other figures! It's fun and also mathematical. In this class, young artists will learn basic folding skills to make origami figures and create background illustration to welcome their origami figures. 


Art in Japan

Aug.10-14, age 10-12

Ready, Set, Fold! :Origami and Paper Making

Aug.24-28, age 10-12

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