I'm self-taught artist originally from Japan. After earning my bachelor degree of Spanish Language at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, I moved to Mexico where I worked as a travel agent, graphic designer and kindergarten teacher. I moved to USA in 2013 with my partner and three children. 

Travelling between East and West cultures has challenged me to accept and adapt to new cultural enviroment. 

Moving and living in Mexico and USA, I learned Spanish and English as second and third language. I switch between three languages in my everyday life. Doing that over years and years, I have become aware of my thoughts shape slightly different depends on which language I use or who I am communicating with. My trilingual mind shapes three different version of my personality, which is confusing and sophisticated. I think lots of us in these days might have felt similar phenomenon dealing with different kind of tasks with different kind of people in different places. Creating art is a way to clear up overwhelming mind. I would like to viewers to provide positive feeling through my art. Also, my purpose of creating art is to build a bridge across cultural barriers and bring diverse people on a journey to an imaginary world.